As well as the "spencer duo" Paul has been a rock singer for the past 35 or so years. Past bands include ROCK CIRCUS ,MANHATTEN SLIDE, BLUE CADILLACS(short period when dean hurt his leg)FAR CANAL, and of course,MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. The latter has been on the pub and club circuit in the Poole and Bournemouth area for the past 34 years. Past members are Stuart Thomas( sadly, no longer with us) Chris Patterson,Bill Dumaresq, Dudley Cooke (now with haywire)Pete Bowers,Roy Putt( now with Jim Etherington), and the current line up for the past twenty years----Paul, Carl Chamberlain,Bob Mace, and last but by no means least Roger Deacon Smith. Mission Impossible continues to work in the local pubs and clubs playing the type of ragged ass rock'n'roll music its followers love----MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ENDED ON FRIDAY 27th JANUARY 2011 AFTER 35yrs---R.I.P!!!! Another interest is "The Three Fivers, which incorporates "Spencer"-- (myself and Cheryl), and two other singers with track records, namely Roy Mudd and Tony Letts (pictured below---Roy with tattos). Roy was originally in "Mowgli" with the late Stuart Thomas, and also Dudley Cooke from "Haywire", moving on to other bands and also some solo work. Tony started out with the "Trackmarks" in the sixties and has been in Cabaret, bands such as "two thirty race" and his longtime band "Majesty". Fun nights are had with loads of different styles of music Here are some piccies of a fine night at Parkstone Trades-- and some piccies of Paul in early days with Rock Circus(black & white) taken at Billy Mannings ballroom at Southsea---on the right is the late Kevin Drake on piano and sax. To the rear is John Hammond-last seen with Tony Letts in "Majesty" but sadly no longer playing--great rock'n'roll drummer- and behind the speaker is Duncan Mather on guitar---now with "Playback". Bass player at that time would have been either "Edgie" (a great character who was never sober and sadly now deceased) or Chris Franklyn. Drummer at that time would have been John Hammond who deserves a special mention as he was undoubtably the best Rock & Roll drummer in the south of England. He has recently passed away but is remembered in venues around the area a great character. He was a member of Tony Letts band "Majesty" for many years. The next one is taken at the Jolly Sailor in the seventies with Paddy Walters on drums and the third one is early Mission Impossible days with Carl (long hair) behind me